VOC’s In Paints

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Poor indoor air quality is a major cause of respiratory illness, and can aggravate existing respiratory conditions such as Asthma.  Many building materials, including paint, give off harmful compounds that negatively affect indoor air quality, and, subsequently, the health of occupants.  By making informed decisions regarding the types of building and renovation materials that are used in the home and their impacts on indoor air quality, homeowners can minimize their exposure to airborne contaminants. More Info

Informational Links:

Jon Sader’s White Paper on VOC’s In Paint

US Environmental Protection Agency’s Site on Indoor Air Quality. This link provides an overview of indoor air quality, with specific information on a range of topics related to indoor air quality.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission: Indoor Air Quality Publications. This link provides access to a variety of publications that explore indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality Association. This trade organization performs research on indoor air quality, and how it relates to student performance, occupancy health, asthma rates, and other factors.

US Environmental Protection Agency’s site on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) This link provides an overview of VOC’s and provides information on limiting exposure to these contaminants.