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“Geothermal energy was to provide heat, and solar roof panels were counted on to provide each house with at least 75 percent of its electricity – and even send power back to the grid on sunny days… This is a proving ground for a bigger idea that could work globally. This project (Make It Right) is not mine anymore. It’s so beyond me.”
GreenSource September + October 2011 Issue
“The site has become a living laboratory of sorts, with Mark It Right testing different construction strategies and materials and monitoring and recording data on each component. Though it is difficult to compare the performance of homes due to abundant variables (homeowner habits, window size, shading, orientation, etc.), Make It Right is keeping methodical records of energy use.”
Louisiana Builder Summer 2009 Issue
“At the Make it Right project in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, homes are built “cradle to cradle,” or using sustainable building criteria with materials that are recycled into new products when their defined life ends, thus avoiding waste, says Jon Sader, Construction Director at Make It Right…Make it Right houses contain a 20% larger solar-panel array than most other sun-powered homes, and with south-facing, solar roofs soaking up , homeowners’ energy-usage bills are as low as $4 a month, Sader says.”
O The Oprah Magazine September 2010 Issue
“It’s a blazing August afternoon, yet this mother of five and grandmother of six is gripping an orange mop and wiping down 15 metallic solar panels, each about the size of a picnic table. “I like to make sure all the sun gets through.” She (Make It Right homeowner) says over the clamor of the nearby construction work. “Every last drop is money in my pocket.” “