Achieving Energy Efficiency by Sealing Windows & Doors

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Heating and cooling our homes expends a substantial amount of energy. Part of the reason is because the conditioned air that requires so much energy to maintain leaks out of the home. One of the leading problem areas is not the type of windows and doors in your home, rather how they were installed. If you have a blower door test conducted on your home, the Energy Rater will be able to identify which windows and doors are leaking conditioned air.

Replacing the windows & doors may not be the correct answer. More often than not, all you may need to do is install or replace the insulation between the window or door and the framing of the house. Doing so is quick, easy, cost-effective, and does not necessarily require a contractor. Watch the video above for the demonstration. More Info

Informational Links:

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ENERGY STAR is a great source of knowledge related to reducing energy consumption in the home. Below you will find several useful links relative to insulating your windows and doors, as well as other information and tips on making your home more energy efficient.

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NOLA Wise provides homeowners with access to information about financing energy-efficiency related home improvements using BPI Certified contractors.  Currently, it is only for residents of Orleans Parish.

Energy Smart helps Entergy New Orleans electric customers save energy and save money through energy assessments and valuable cash rebates on these energy efficiency improvements.