Dirty Grid

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Nobody likes having to replace expensive yet necessary appliances such as your refrigerator, oven, washer, dryer, etc.There is something you can do to further the lifespan of these appliances by protecting it from what is called a “dirty grid”. A “dirty grid” is a moniker for an energy grid that consistently delivers small yet damaging energy spikes and dips. A “dirty grid” may exist in areas with oversized or outdated power lines and transformers.Your major appliances may be at risk from constant voltage spikes and dips which will eventually shorten their lifespan. A power conditioner can be used to protect your most valuable appliances from constant voltage spikes and dips.Power conditioners constantly adjust the electricity coming in so that it is optimal for your appliances.By taking advantage of power conditioners you can limit having to replace your ever-valuable appliances. More Info

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